Central Greenough Cafe and Visitor Centre  - Step back in time to the 19th century
Central Greenough
        Cafe & Visitor Centre
       Corner Brand Hwy & McCartney Road
      Tel:(08) 9926 1084
    Int: 0061 8 9926 1084

Greenough/Walkaway Heritage Trail
The Greenough/Walkaway Heritage Trail is a 57km drive through some of the richest rural land in Western Australia. It explores the settlement of the area and the buildings of a once considerable community that was severely reduced after the floods of 1888.
The trail begins at the Greenough Museum on Phillips Road off Brand Highway 405km north of Perth and 19km south of Geraldton, and ends at Ellendale Pool.  It provides a pleasant outing with facilities for picnicking. As there is much to see in the Central Greenough Historic Settlement and surrounds, the museums and other sites, many trail users may wish to spend longer in this historic area. Following the trail route map, look for signs bearing the Heritage Trails Network symbol.
Places to visit
  • Central Greenough Historic Settlement         
            Tel: 08 9926 1084
  • Cafe & Visitor Information Centre   
           Tel:08 9926 1084
           Tel:08 9926 1171
           Tel:08 9926 1057
           Tel:08 9926 1890
  • Railway Station Museum       
           Tel:08 9926 1023
  • Walkaway Tavern 
           Tel: 08 9926 1015
  • Bootenal Tavern
          Tel:08 9923 3707
  • Four wheel Drive Tracks
  • Greenough/Walkaway Heritage Walk Trails
  • Lucy's Beach
  • S BEND Fishing
  • Greenough River mouth - What a special place this is, where the River and the ocean meet simply stunning.... picnic's, BBQ's, Walking, Fishing, Windsurfing, sand boarding or simply relaxing and watching the sun go down.

 Flat Rocks Beach -  Home of the surfers

           Tel:08 9926 1154
  • S Bend Caravan Park
           Tel:08 9926 1072
  • Greenough River Mouth Caravan Park (Double Beach)
           Tel:08 9964 9845
           Tel:9921 2667
           Tel: 08 9926 1057
  • Ellendale Pool National Park
           ($10 per night per vehicle)
Local Services 
  • Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Information Centre
  • (08) 9926 1084

  • Church Services 
           St Catherine's
           Anglican Church
           (1st Sunday of Month)
           Tel: 08 9921 3052 for details
           St Peters Catholic Church     
           (Every Sunday 8am)
           Tel: 08 9921 3221 for details
  • S Bend Fuel Station
           Tel: 08 9926 1072
  • Walkaway Post Office and General Store 
             Tel: 08 9926 1044
Other Local Places of Interest, Services and accommodation
       City of Greater Geraldton
            Tel: 9921 3999
             servicing the Greater Geraldton area  
           Tel: 9956 6659

        Dongara Denison
           Tel:08 9927 1404
Must see in Greenough
Central Greenough Historic Settlement
Cnr Brand Hwy & McCartney Rd
The Leaning Tree
20km South of Geraldton and
2 Km North of the Central Greenough Historical Settlement on the Brand Hwy
Alinta Wind Farm
Although widely known as a Gas company, Alinta has a Wind Farm in Greenough which provides clean energy from 54 of the worlds largest wind turbines.
Each of these wind turbines towers almost 80 metres above the Greenough farming landscape with three blades stretching 41 metres. At full capacity, the Alinta Wind Farm can generate 90 megawatts of electricity which is enough to supply about 60,000 homes.
Ellendale Pool
Giant Gums and rocky gorge surround the pool. Toilet and barbecue facilities are on offer and camping is $10 per night and limited to three days. An honesty box has been provided. Ellendale Pool is about 45km south of Geraldton on Ellendale Road, via Walkaway. The last 100m of road are dirt but are suitable for 2WD vehicles and caravans.
Convict Bridge
Recently restored from the flood of 1998 and re-opened March 2010.
The original wood used by convicts to build the bridge was  recovered, re- crafted by Max Royce Woodwork's and is on display at the entrance to Wainwright's Store at Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Centre
Old Pioneer Cemetery 
The first recorded burial was in 1853 and since then many of the regions pioneers have been buried here. Amongst these are : the Clarkson brothers, cattle drovers of the 1870s who were found dead at Hooleys Well, one having perished and one speared by natives. Mrs Anne Connolly who was the first woman to take up land on the Front Flats in her own right. A young man named Walters who was shot at Ellendale, believed to be the first murder in the region. Between 1853 and 1957 more than 1000 burials were registered in the region. Further historical details of the region can be obtained at the Walkaway Station museum.

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