Central Greenough Cafe and Visitor Centre  - Step back in time to the 19th century
Central Greenough Historic Settlement

Cafe & Visitor Centre
Location approx 22 kms South Geraldton
Corner of Brand Hwy and McCartney Road
Greenough Western Australia
Opening Hours:
      Mon - Sat: 9am - 4pm     
 Sunday 8am - 4pm
(Evening/Private functions by booking only) 
Note:  Public holidays: 10AM - 3PM
Christmas Day, Boxing Day & ANZAC Day : Closed

Enter through Wainwrights old grocery store where you can still view some of the items from the 1860’s, then continue through to modern air- conditioned cafe.

In the cafe you will find a delightful selection of food that has been prepared and cooked on the premises. We have great coffee, a selection of teas and cold beverages, we are also licenced and can offer local wines and a good selection of beers.
The alfresco area overlooks the Historic Settlement and the alpacas and Lilly the llama are usually hanging around.  

Central Greenough cafe also has a treasure trove of gifts for all the family for all occasions and a selection of locally made souvenirs for travellers. 
Boasting a community hall, two churches, convent, presbytery, state school and a government complex that houses the court house and old gaol(jail). Take a self guided tour, walking amongst and inside the buildings, which are filled with interpretations and original fixtures and fittings belonging to the early settlers.

Also Lilly the Llama, and his alpaca friends are always, walking around and in need of company, and the occasional feed.

If you would like to contact us
Email centralgreenough@gmail.com

Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Centre
PO Box 2491
Geraldton 6531
Western Australia
Tel: (08) 9926 1084
Int: 0061 8 9926 1084

We would love to hear any feedback regarding your visit to Central Greenough Cafe & Visitor Centre and
Central Greenough Historic Settlement.

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Lunch Menu
Homemade Pie of the Day $17.95
 Served with house salad or chips (both add extra $3)
Angus Beef Burger - $19.95
Served with cheese, caramalised onions,
With our special sauce on a Turkish roll,
Served with chips and salad
Lamb Burger - $19.95
Served with cheese, caramalised onions,
With our special sauce on a Turkish roll,
Served with chips and salad
Spinach and Ricotta Burger(Vegetarian) - $19.95
Served with cheese, caramalised onions,
With our special sauce on a Turkish roll,
Served with chips and salad
Turkish Rolls
Chicken Turkish – $17.50(*GF)
Oven baked chicken breast with tomato in a turkish bread roll,
with pulped avocado & sweet chili sauce   oven toasted,
served with a house salad or chips
Smoked Salmon Turkish – $18.50(*GF)
Smoked salmon, turkish bread roll spread with pulped avocado,
Special sauce and capers,
Oven toasted, served with a house salad or chips
Fish & Chips - $19.95
Tempura Battered Fish of the day
Served with chips, salad and tartar sauce
Smoked Cod Chowder $17.50(*GF)
Flakey pieces of smoked cod in a creamy bacon and vegetable thick soup. Served with warm Turkish bread
Seafood Basket - $22.95
3 x fish bites, 1 x whiting, 1 x seafood stick, 2 x crumbed prawns,
2 x scallops, 2 x salt and pepper squid pieces.
Served with chips, salad and tartar sauce
Beef Curry - $17.95 (*GF)
Chunky pieces of prime beef in a thick authentically spiced sauce,
Served medium strength with jasmine rice & poppadoms.
ChickenKorma(Mild) - $17.95 (*GF)
Chunky pieces of chicken breast in a creamy coconut sauce,
with almonds & spices, served with jasmine rice & poppadoms.
Vegetable Curry$17.50(*GF)
Chunky veggies in a creamy coconut red curry,
Served with rice & poppadoms
Lasagna - $19.95
Served with garlic bread and a choice of either salad or chips
Made using homemade pasta sheets
*Caesar Salad – $18.00
Add Chicken $22.00
Smoked Salmon $24.00
Cos lettuce, herbed croutons, fresh parmesan, crispy bacon tossed in a traditional home made Caesar dressing. (*GF)
*Optional Boiled Egg or Anchovies (extra $1 for both)
Side Salad - $7.50
Mixed lettuce with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and carrot, with our homemade honey mustard dressing
Kids Menu
All kids meals listed below are - $10.00
All are served with chips and tomato sauce
or Salad
Chicken Nuggets
Fish Dippers
Cheese Burger
 Light Lunches
Soup $9.95
Ask for options
   Served with warm Turkish Bread
Cottage Pies (*GF)
Medium $10   or Large $17.50
add chips or salad $3.00
Made with prime ground beef, vegetables topped
With real mash and cheese Served with warm Turkish Bread
Beef Chilli Nachos(*GF) Vegetarian opt available
For 1 - $13.95
For 2 - $19.95
Corn chips with a homemade mild beef chili, melted cheese,
Sour cream and sweet chili sauce swirl.
Extras- $1 each
Jalapenos, Guacamole
Loaded wedges $9.95
With cheese and bacon
And a sauce- ask staff for variations.
Toasted sandwiches $7.50
Bowl chips $6.50
Served with tomato sauce
Served with sour cream and sweet chili
Garlic bread $6.00
(3 pieces)

Specials - on the board


Choice 1  Bacon, sausage, fried egg, hash brown, beans, ½ grilled tomato and 2 toast. $15.00
 Go Large  Double everything above (except toast) $23.95
Choice 2  Thick raisin toast (1 slice), butter and jam, served with a French vanilla yogurt topped with toasted muesli. $11.00
Choice 3  Breakfast Turkish roll filled with bacon, fried egg, hash brown, tomato and cheese and toasted in oven. $13.50
Go Large  Double everything above (except tomato) $18.95
Choice 4  Vegetarian Turkish roll, filled with hash brown, fried egg, tomato and cheese and toasted in oven. $11.00
Choice 5  Ham and cheese croissant and a chocolate or blueberry muffin.   $11.00
Choice 6   Breakfast Hotpot (baked in oven) - Bacon, sausage, chorizo, capsicum, mixed beans, cooked in a tomato and herb sauce topped with cheese and egg. Served with Turkish bread. $16.00
Extras - Fried Egg $1.  Bacon, sausage or hash brown $1.50
Individual Breakfast Items.
·       Ham and cheese croissant - $6.50
·       Raisin toast (1) with butter and Jam - $6.50             
·       Raisin toast 2) with butter and Jam - $10.00          
·       French vanilla yoghurt - $5.00 (With a fruit compot base and topped with museli).
·       Chocolate or blueberry Muffin - $5.00


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